Traffic Ticket Lawyer Newark

One traffic ticket can cause an avalanche of problems for New Jersey motorists, which can necessitate hiring a lawyer to minimize the risks. Traffic Ticket Lawyer Newark Depending on the nature of the traffic ticket, a driver may be subject to paying a large fine, losing points on their driving record, and getting a criminal record. If you are a commercial truck driver, you might lose your job. A conviction may also lead to paying higher car insurance premiums for years.


A Newark traffic ticket lawyer from Rispoli & Borneo can fight the charge against you rather than you automatically pleading guilty. Even paying the ticket is an admission of guilt and will result in penalties against you. Should you already have points against you, or you later receive additional tickets, you could be at risk of losing your driver’s license. Our traffic ticket lawyer has assisted many Newark motorists who were cited with violations. With our legal representation, the following scenarios may be possible for you:


  •         A complete dismissal of your ticket
  •         A reduction of the charge against you to a lesser offense
  •         A verdict of not guilty at the conclusion of a trial


In addition to helping motorists who have received a ticket for a traffic violation, a Newark traffic ticket lawyer at Rispoli & Borneo represents those who are in a failure to pay or failure to appear status. In addition, our lawyer provides outstanding legal services for all of the following traffic ticket violations:


  •         Seatbelt violation
  •         Failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk
  •         Illegal U-turn
  •         Driving with expired license plate registration
  •         Driving without insurance
  •         Illegal or unsafe lane change
  •         Failure to stop at a stop sign, red light, or before merging onto a street from a private driveway or parking lot
  •         Illegal right or left turn
  •         Speeding, including speeding in a school or a construction zone
  •         Driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license
  •         Failure to provide a valid driver’s license to a law enforcement officer
  •         Running a red light
  •         Reckless driving
  •         Leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident
  •         Driving while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
  •         Following too closely behind another vehicle
  •         Racing other vehicles while on a public roadway
  •         Felony hit and run
  •         Manslaughter driving charge
  •         Failure to have or present valid proof of insurance and registration
  •         Driving the wrong way on a divided roadway


Is a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Newark Necessary?


The repercussions for a traffic ticket are often far-ranging and greater than what a driver may have initially anticipated. Whether or not you actually committed the driving offense, you may be paying penalties for years as a result in the form of the following:


  •         Higher insurance premiums
  •         Points on one’s driver’s license
  •         Hefty fines
  •         Driver’s license suspension
  •         Criminal record
  •         Jail time
  •         Loss of driving privileges
  •         Loss of their job for commercial drivers or individuals who must use their company vehicle to perform their job


Learn more about how a traffic ticket lawyer Newark clients recommend from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. can help you fight a motor vehicle charge against you by calling us today.