Work Related Injury Attorney in Long Branch, NJ 

Work Related Injury Attorney Long Branch, NJ  Work Related Injury Attorney Long Branch, NJ 

At Rispoli & Borneo, we help many clients who were injured while working. Some of these injuries were the result of accidents while others occurred because of a failure to implement OSHA guidelines. Regardless of what has happened to you, if you were involved in a work accident, call a work related injury attorney in Long Branch, New Jersey today.

What Are OSHA Guidelines and Why Do They Matter?

It has been 50 years since The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 was passed in Congress with the aim of keeping American workers safe while they are on the job. Generally speaking, this law requires employers to protect their workers from known safety hazards in the workplace. This act also created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This agency helps to both create and enforce workplace safety standards and certain workers’ rights.

Chances are that you have heard OSHA referenced in any safety training you may have taken place in where you work. What are OSHA’s guidelines and why should they matter to you? This is a complex question that could be answered at length. But in a nutshell, OSHA is the federal agency tasked with keeping you safe at work and it primarily exercises its authority through the creation and enforcement of worker safety guidelines. Should you ever become injured on the job, you should consider speaking with a Long Branch, NJ work-related injury attorney about your legal options and whether OSHA should be alerted to any unsafe working conditions that may have contributed to your injuries.

OSHA Guidelines and Work Injuries – The Basics

If you are injured at work and your accident is covered by workers’ compensation insurance, the cause of the accident will not matter for the purposes of obtaining the benefits you are entitled to. With the assistance of a Long Branch, NJ work-related injury attorney, you will be able to get workers’ compensation benefits (with very, very few exceptions) even if the accident was your fault, provided that your accident is covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage. However, the fact that the cause of the accident won’t necessarily factor into your benefits doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be reported to OSHA. If you are working in an unsafe space, you and your co-workers all remain at-risk for as long as the hazards go unaddressed.

If you wish to anonymously report that your employer is not following OSHA guidelines and that your workplace is unsafe as a result, a Long Branch, NJ work-related injury attorney can help you to make an anonymous complaint and request for a workplace inspection. This will help to ensure that you and your co-workers are not exposed to unsafe conditions for any longer than you have to be. In addition, if you are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance, any OSHA violations on the part of your employer could factor into any legal action you may choose to file at this time or in the future.

Legal Guidance Is Available

If you have been injured on the job, consider scheduling a consultation with an experienced Long Branch, NJ work-related injury attorney today in order to explore your legal options. In addition, consider working with your attorney to report unsafe working conditions to OSHA if you believe that your employer will not immediately fix any hazards that led to your injury. Call Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. today for a consultation.