Workers’ Comp Attorney New Jersey

Get the help you need from a New Jersey workers’ comp attorney from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. if you have been injured at work. You have probably heard about workers’ comp, especially if you have a potentially dangerous job. This is the system that compensates all workers for any injuries they suffer while working. This does raise the question, however, of what injuries and illnesses are covered by workers’ comp. This is actually quite a simple question to answer, so read on.Workers’ Comp Attorney New Jersey

What Is Covered

The answer is that there are no limitations on what kinds of illnesses and injuries are covered. If it cost you financially to have it treated and it was the direct result of your job, then it should be covered. Keep in mind that workers’ comp does not compensate for emotional or physical pain as personal injury lawsuits do. It is only financial losses which are covered.

Injuries are still covered regardless of fault. If you caused the injury yourself or if a co-worker caused it, you are still covered. If a person unrelated to your job causes the injury, such as a pedestrian walking by a construction site, then workers’ comp does not cover the injury. In this case, you should consider filing a lawsuit against the responsible individual. Speak to your workers’ comp attorney New Jersey relies on if you are unsure about the best solution.

Types of Injuries

There are essentially no limitations on the types of injuries or illnesses that are covered. Traditional injuries are quite simple to understand, but there are some types of injuries that you might not even consider. All these non-traditional types of injuries are still covered:


  • Repetitive stress injuries – Doing the same action over and over for months or years can cause damage to your body. These are called repetitive stress injuries, and the most common type is carpal tunnel.
  • Emotional injuries – While emotional damage is not compensated, financial damages that result from emotional injuries might be covered. Some states have stricter laws surrounding this type of injury than others, and it may be difficult to prove that your job caused the emotional injury. Ask your workers’ comp attorney in New Jersey if this is an option.
  • Respiratory injuries – If you inhale dangerous substances, it can cause serious damage to your lungs. It is easy to only think of external injuries when considering workers’ comp, but internal injuries are just as valid. This does also apply to poisoning and other types of internal injuries.

Speak With a Workers’ Comp Attorney New Jersey Workers Rely on From Rispoli & Borneo, P.C.

If the type of injury causes your claim to be denied, hope is not lost. If you believe the decision was made unfairly or mistakenly, you should speak with an attorney who specializes in workers’ comp cases. Chances are good that you have several legal options to pursue. Call our office to talk with our New Jersey workers’ comp attorney now.Rispoli & Borneo, P.C.