Workers Comp Lawyer NJ

Workers Comp Lawyer NJ Workers Comp Lawyer NJ

Our New Jersey workers comp lawyer knows that the last thing you probably expect after sustaining an injury in the workplace is that your employer would be uncooperative. Unfortunately, some employers will make filing a claim uncomfortable and challenging for their employees. However, know that you have rights and that any company participating in workers’ compensation programs is required to file accident reports by law. However, before discussing how to handle your workplace injury, it can be beneficial to understand why an employer might be difficult in these situations. If you find yourself getting nowhere, or unsure of how to proceed contact our workers comp lawyer in NJ at Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. today.

Reasons an Employer Might be Hesitant

Two of the main reasons your employer might hesitate or be uncooperative after your injury is that they might be trying to avoid an increase in their insurance rates or they might be lacking coverage. However, refusing to report an incident is required by law, as is having insurance in most states. Therefore, while your employer might be dragging their feet, know your rights and if necessary contact a NJ workers comp lawyer. Also, regardless of your employer’s attitude, you are free to seek treatment and move on with the process of filing a claim for workers comp.

Report Your Injury

The first thing you should do, if possible, after a workplace injury is to report the incident and file an accident report. It is important to make sure that you notify your employer of the accident as soon as possible.

Don’t Wait for Permission

While it is necessary to notify your employer of the accident,  our NJ workers comp lawyer want you to know that you do not need to wait for permission to seek treatment. Go to a hospital and get checked out.

Inform Your Doctor

When you arrive at the hospital, make sure to inform those treating you that your injury occurred in the workplace. It is essential that any medical records document where the injury occurred.

Create a Written Statement

Next, our NJ workers comp lawyer recommends that you create a detailed written statement describing the accident and how the injury was sustained. This statement should be completed within 30 days of the incident, but sooner is better.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

It is crucial that you follow your doctor’s orders to the letter. If you fail to adhere to your treatment plan, then your workers’ compensation might be denied. It’s important that you follow your doctor’s recommendations.

Prepare for Paperwork and Keep Detailed Records

Once filed, your workers’ compensation claim will require significant amounts of paperwork. Our NJ workers comp lawyer can help you to review and complete all paperwork in a timely manner.

Your employer does not need to be cooperative to file a workers’ compensation claim. You have rights. However, if you are dealing with a difficult employer, then it might be best to hire our NJ workers comp lawyers at Rispoli & Borneo, P.C. to guide you through the process of filing a claim.